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Post by rickibrat2 » Fri Apr 05, 2013 7:11 am

Should be home today after a few weeks in shop, I was able to drive the car yesterday and it is a different car then they started to work on two weeks ago the car now goes where it is pointed no more rear end drift on the street steering is great with the flaming river system.

They started to replace the clutch last night with a spec stage, three unit and a new steeda shifter "tri axle type"

The paint is still going to be an issue, but a person from Sheman Williams auto paint division said they have the same paint at $ 63.00 per once and there is no way it should take more than 3 pints to repaint that car from what he has seen from the pictures that the ford dealer is just ripping me off at $ 8000. per gallon

Think the subsequent stop will be Woodburn drag strip in the following few weeks to see how it will run there we are going to back the shocks off a little into the softer range for street.

Hope to have picture's up on photo bucket later today.

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