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Mystic Touch Up

Post by » Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:57 am

Fellow Mystic Owners:

I do not know how the rest of you are handling the economy, but things have certainly tightened up for me. I am still restoring number 1 and have obtained a rather nice quarter section from a 98 GT from Harry's U-Pull-it for the right rear quarter repairs.
My other Mystic number 1124 was suffering major UV damage on the roof and being concerned about rust settling in since the clear-coat was gone, the base coat had deteriorated and now the primer was going, I decided that some repair had to be made before rust set in and damaged the car permanently. Knowing the cost of the BASF paint and not being one of financial ease, I looked for a possible alternative. I found on line, and under 1996 Ford all models, I found Mystic listed in various amounts including 12 oz. touch up spray for $39.95. I purchased a can and stripped the roof down to the bare metal (which has to be done when UV damage is present) I then primed/sealed light grey, applied a base coat of gloss black and then applied the Mystic Pearl followed by the Clear Coat. After 4 hours, I lightly wet sanded with 1500 and then polished with polishing compound followed with basic hand polish and then used headlight restoration polish to finish it off.

I along with many others could not believe the end results! The color match and tinting is perfect. When compared to the sails (they are original factory color) they tint perfectly at all angles and lighting.

I have asked the vendor if their formula is consistent with the BASF formula and I await their answer.

I know that using any other paint than the BASF will take away from the originality of the car, but after seeing many of these cars with UV damage and being left go with body damage due to the high cost of the paint, I rationalized that eventually, alternatives may have to be utilized. Don't worry about number 1, since I will be painting her with the original BASF paint after her repairs are made. In the case of number 1, original has to be the order of the day and it will set me back, but I have been around collectibles for over 50 years and know what is what.

As a tip goes, be aware that the paint from this supplier is Acrylic Urethane and the primer should be lacquer based along with the clear coat. I had misinterpreted the paint as Enamel and used enamel black base and clear-coat. I did a fine 600 sanding between coats after 4 hours drying time and had experienced some lifting at the edges and corners where I could not sand properly, but was able to work it out later and you cannot see it at all.

I would highly recommend using lacquer sealer/primer followed by (their) black Urethane base coat then their Urethane color coat and finally, their Urethane Clear Coat. I also recommend if using a spray bomb, spraying front to back and then at 45 degree angles to keep from getting spray lines from forming. I know using a spray bomb may seem low life, but not having access to proper equipment and not having the ready funds to afford a painter force some of us into utilizing what we can and as I stated, it is better than letting the girls to rust. I have shown this work to several body shops who did not believe that this was a spray bomb job. My skills are in building racing engines and transmissions and not painting, so I am doing my best with what I have to work with and going thru a divorce and buying a home and rebuilding it at the same time leaves one a little short. Forgive me fellow Mystic Owners, I am restoring 2 of these that were abused and for now, temporary paint will have to do until I can afford the BASF. As I said, it is a perfect match unless you are going to scan it! LOL

I am offering this tip to those who may be in the same plight as myself who need to make small repairs and don't want to mortgage their home to do it. Keep her Mystic beauty without compromising age or as in the case of number 1, her color!


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Re: Mystic Touch Up

Post by Mystic » Sun Oct 12, 2014 10:10 pm

Great write up. Could you enlighten us as to what you used as a base and clear and if those were also rattle can? I plan on doing the same very soon. Also, do you have any pictures of the finished product?
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