National Mystic Event - So far NO Participation @ this forum

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National Mystic Event - So far NO Participation @ this forum

Post by saleen89559 » Tue Aug 18, 2015 11:45 am

Lets start this off with me being pretty blunt and upset about a situation here.

I know this site isn't very active being there are not millions of Mystic owners out there, so that isn't the issue.

The issue lies with the admin here not participating in an idea he helped come up with. Not being willing to even give information needed to make things more successful. And not even keeping his own site up and current.

Gary (Mystic #1 and #1124) has been spearheading a national 20th anniversary event for the Mystic Cobras for the last several months. I have been helping on every avenue I can along the way. On multiple occasions, we have tried to get in contact with Rex to get information for mystic owners to start mailing lists, and post cards for event invites and info. But on all those occasions, Rex has turned us down, or doesn't respond to us at all for months at a time, or never.

Lets ask this: Rex, you have the largest and most complete listing of Mystic Cobra owners on the internet, why are you keeping us all apart from each other? You claim you don't give out email addresses because it violates their right to privacy.... Yet when a owner willingly submits their information to your site, that is like willingly posting it to Facebook for the world to see. All we want is a list of email addresses to send newsletters to these people. I can tell you after talking to several Mystic owners I know, there is no reason why they wouldn't want to be able to talk to other Mystic owners through email or whatever.

We have come so far in arranging things for this event, why cant you do something to help after YOU came up with the idea!?

Rant over, you decide.
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Re: National Mystic Event - So far NO Participation @ this f

Post by ntuit1 » Tue Aug 18, 2015 5:47 pm

Yes, I came up with an idea that gained very little traction, except from Gary, whom I applaud for his efforts and truly hope the event he's working gets the participation warranted. If I could, I'd attend and drag my mystics out there and be a part of it. Would be a great time. Gary appears to have some great connections, as well as experience in these kinds of events so he's probably the best person to orchestrate it.

I have emailed every mystic owner and provided the link about the event. I will not share those addresses but I have contacted them. Privacy for the members of this site is quite important to me and I only share the addresses if the owner approves. In addition, I don't advertise or use other organization's links either, despite the hundreds of requests to do so. The site is as comprehensive and as accurate as the information I've received. It really hasn't changed in the 11 years I've hosted it. It's just a hobby that I struggle to find time for, frankly. Sure, it could use a huge facelift and perhaps one day I'll invest in that.

As far as the communication requests, this is news to me. The only request I've received was from someone asking for all the information I'm spent the last 11 years chasing down, VINs, email addresses, names, etc. I will not share this. I've never received one complaint from anyone regarding the disclosure of their privacy or vehicle information and I'm quite proud of that. This I will strive to maintain and every member on this site has my word on it.

Again, I have emailed every mystic owner I have an address and provided them information on the event and steps to take if interested in participating. If you have a pre-constructed message you'd like me to distro to all, I'm all in. Just send it to me and I'll launch it ASAP.

This response may not satisfy your desires completely. If not, I'm sorry for that, but I do hope you respect my position on the subject.

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Re: National Mystic Event - So far NO Participation @ this f

Post by saleen89559 » Wed Aug 19, 2015 1:55 pm


This site is far from accurate. There are postings, car owner updates, and much more that haven't been changed for a long time. There are cars that have changed hands 2 and 3 times, and they haven't been updated after repeated requests by the owners themselves. People are continuously bitching on other sites and forums that you aren't doing anything at all. And quite frankly, you claim you have for the last 11 years, but it hasn't gone anywhere.

As for you sending emails to every single member on this site, I don't think so. I am a member on this site, I never received anything from you. The only way I found out about these things is I regularly check the forum.

This whole site, the concept, everything about it could have gone so far with you not holding it all back. Hell, few years ago, you even asked me for help on here, I responded to your request, and it went no where at all and you never responded back. I think you're too afraid to ask for help, or your pride is too high on it. You say its a hobby, but come on, make it worth while to the people who you cater to on here.

We've emailed you countless times looking for information, help, assistance, guidance, etc. Not one time have you responded. And Gary and I both have the proof of these emails not being answered.

As for you collecting all the information over the last 11 years, with the research and homework I have done over the last 8 months, I guarantee that I have light years more information than you except for the owner submissions.

So why? Why can you not help? Is it the fact that you THINK its a privacy factor? Its not a privacy factor at all. Do a Poll, actually send an inquiry email to the members, something..... they will tell you they don't care!
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Re: National Mystic Event - So far NO Participation @ this f

Post by » Wed Aug 19, 2015 5:37 pm

This is Kim, Gary's girlfriend. I'm assisting Gary in putting this event together and we have numerous plans and mini events to celebrate the 1996 mystic cobra anniversary. But that's beside the point at the moment.
While I agree with points you have both made and disagree with points you have both made, the immediate need is to reach every mystic owner about this celebration. It is an opportunity we want to offer each owner. We also greatly want to spot light the mystic cobra in an attempt to break a Guinness Book of World Records. Now that the cat is out of the bag on that part, and I won't go into the details now, we want as many '96 mystic cobras to lead the herd.We also have a comedian set to perform at a mini event.
Rex, I appreciate this forum you have set up to discuss the 20th celebration. I will ask Gary to pop in here to add details as we create them.
Again, it is an immediate need we start to reach all owners now!! Time will fly quickly. Rex, I had asked Gary to send you an email back several months ago about getting the info out and reaching all the owners. I know he sent it. I know this web site is a hobby, but I ask you PLEASE PLEASE, can you set time aside as a priority to reach the owners???? Either that or please share with Gary the emails only to send info out. It's probably harder to break privacy of an email rather than a name. Believe me I've tracked all types of individuals on the internet using names(job related), getting free info and if willing to pay even more info. Emails, to me are very hard, as people change these or have many. We both know how to maintain privacy as our career positions required this. We will not share the info!! I also feel many owners will be ok as Gary had received emails through your site from owners on the east coast they wanted to come up to Pa for a celebration.
In every aspect of creating this celebration, we have given you, Rex, credit for the original idea. Whether you like it or not we have. We give credit where due. Please Rex, help Gary and I out here.
If any owner reading these posts are interested in the 1996 mystic cobra 20th anniversary celebration, please feel free to contact me at

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Re: National Mystic Event - So far NO Participation @ this f

Post by ISWIWDead » Thu Aug 20, 2015 8:32 pm

quit whinin' People have real lives also.. And I am sure maintaining a site like this is not top priority, its likely a hobby....

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Re: National Mystic Event - So far NO Participation @ this f

Post by MysticVenom » Fri Aug 21, 2015 6:24 pm

Just an idea - really late for any prep that's already done (I just received an email about their being any event this morning).

Somehow tie in with the Hot Rod Power Tour for 2016. They are a lot of fun (I went on the 2010 tour - Newton, IA to Mobile, AL)

1) They are held mostly in the Eastern US (with a couple nearer to Midwest lately)
2) It's late May - early June typically
3) There are always LOTS of Mustangs on the HRPT, I went in 2010 and there were at least 6 of us Mystics on the Long Haul (start to finish for those not familiar - from what I have heard about typical Long Haulers there are usually 3-4000 cars total, so 6 is a great showing for a single year Stang). There are always more from the local communities at each day's stop.
4) A Mystic column going down the road would be an awesome sight as well as a Mystic corral every day.
5) I'm sure the HR guys would love to do something like this.
6) Anyone near a daily stop-point can join for the day, you don't have to be a Long Hauler.

Only drawbacks:
1) May not fit with your planned event (timing or location - the Tour route typically isn't posted until Dec or Jan)
2) HRPT typically has GM as a sponsor, not Ford (but the tour is open to anyone wanting to be in it - it's a driving event with car shows everyday).
3) People may not have time for the whole event - us West Coasters do have to get to the start line somehow and then get back home from the finish line (for me near Seattle that was a little better than 7000 miles roundtrip and 15 days with 1 non-driving day back in 2010).

Anyways, just an idea and maybe, just might have a smidge of more chance to get some more WCers involved in something out East. The communication stuff that seems to be the bigger point of the thread would have to be worked through first, tho. I know I seldom come to this site due to inactivity (not lack of interest, just lack of attention span 8) )
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